Leann Manning
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Interactive E-Learning

Below is an example of an interactive e-learning. I needed to account for a large image with marker placement for this pattern. The markers required opening pop-ups with various interactions, including quiz questions.

Interactive E-Learning with Pop Ups
Pop Up Variations
Pop Up Interactions

E-Learning Comic

Below is an example of a comic book e-learning. This interaction required the ability to upload images and have them adjust to large and small-sized comic bubbles. Users also needed the ability to add information boxes and talk bubbles at the images' top, bottom, and sides. This pattern is required to accommodate localization and accessibility. I added an option to customize the alt text for a better screen reader experience and to adjust the design for right-to-left locales.

Interactive Comic
Comic Right to Left Localization
Screen Reader Customization
Comic Specifications - Bubble Types
Comic Specifications - Sizing
Comic Specifications - Character Counts

Drag and Drop E-Learning

The below drag-and-drop example required feedback to appear upon dropping the item. I also needed to ensure the experience worked effectively on a mobile device.

Drag and Drop E-Learning
Drag and Drop Interactions
Drag and Drop Mobile

Math E-Learning

The following are examples from a math learning platform. Interactions included drag and drop to boxes and plot lines and a built-in calculator.

Drag and Drop E-Learning
Plot Line E-Learning
Calculator E-Learning

Additional Examples

Here are some additional continuing education e-learning examples.